THE PINPRICKS haben sich für das Bundesfinale2016 am 05.11.216 in der Hansestadt Salzwedel qualifiziert. Sie gehen für ihre Stadt Hamburg ins Rennen um die Titel.

Mit ihrem brandneuen Video No Exit legen sie schonmal ne fette Hausnummer vor.



Every morning I feel the same,
Open my eyes and have some pain.
What d’ you think I need to do, sir?
I don't know and I feel so blue.

Watch the night turns back again, see a light in my window.
I don't know what it is, but I start to play my game.

And then I know every minute of my life
And I feel everything is gonna be alright
And I feel this every deep sympathy
for the life baby and at the end for you and me …..yeah you set me free.

Then later I go on to play this fucking game.
Down is up and up is down, I ride my crazy brain.
Monsters crawl within the walls there's no exit here tonight.
This pill is a universe but I don't get it right.

There is nobody here, there's nobody here, there is nobody here who could help us tonight.
All I wanna do is to sing and dance and have a little fun with that boy on my site.
I wanna dance , I wanna dance, I wanna dance there in the light my friend.
I wanna rock, I wanna rock, I wanna rock someone tonight.

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